Thursday, 9 May 2019

Things You Need To Know About Cavity Filling

Cavity filling is a simple and straightforward process and it is done in the dentist’s office. For getting your cavity filled, you first need to get an appointment by your dentist. In the day of the appointment, you have to make sure that you reach the dental office one hour prior to the appointment time. During this time, you can talk with the dentist about the procedure.

The procedure starts with administration of anesthesia in order to numb the area, which could involve your teeth, gums and surrounding area around the infection. After numbing of the area, the dentist will drill out the infected tissues of the cavity and fill the area. It will take only a few minutes for the process to be completed. The surgery site in the mouth will remain numb for a few hours after the surgery. And there are no specific risks associated with the healing process. However, you need to stay in contact with the dentist in order to deal with any prospective risks.

Types of cavity fillings

The types of fillings are generally differentiated based on the types of materials used in the compositions of those fillings. Those types are worth mentioning in this regard.
  • The first type of fillings to talk about is the dental amalgam. This filling has been used by the dentists for more than a century. Dental amalgams are very strong and they are ideal for the filling of back tooth which have to ensure a lot of pressure when you chew your foods. There are many types of metals used in the making of these fillings; so they get obvious due to their color when you smile or open your mouth.
  • Another type of fillings is the composite filling. This filling is usually made up of glass or quartz filler, and it resembles the color of the teeth. These fillings are usually very durable and they are best suited for the small or medium restorations.
  • Another option to consider for getting your teeth filled is to go for the silver or gold filling. Gold and silver fillings are prominent due to their color and some people may not like that appearance. However, these fillings remain at the top ranks when it comes to durability. Typically, these fillings can last up to 10 – 15 years.
  • Another type of filling that you can get is the one made of ceramic. This filling has the same color as that of tooth enamel and it is less likely to have stains for quite a time. However, this filling can be as costly as gold filling.

Issues with the fillings

While cavity filling tends to save your tooth, it doesn’t put you off the hook completely. If you are not taking care of the filling in the way you should, it can pull away, leading to the creation of pathway for bacteria to enter into the inner portion of the tooth and cause infection. Moreover, the tooth colored filling are more susceptible to damage. Therefore, it is quite important to take good care of your dental fillings. Ideally, you will need to get these fillings during the regular dental visits.

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