Tuesday, 9 July 2019

One of the Best At-Home Cures to Gum Disease

I recently had a friend who was struggling with gingivitis, to the point that he said his teeth and gums were bleeding after every brushing session. At first, I only knew the basic pieces of advice to give him, such as floss more and try to have a gentler toothbrush head.

Well, after his biannual trip to the dentist, he came back telling me about a water pick and how he ordered one online. I was curious to hear more about it after his using it, and I wasn’t disappointed to hear all the great things it did for him.

Basically, he reported that the first few uses hurt his gums somewhat because the water pick basically cuts into the plaque residing along the gumline. So, his gums bled more than they usually would, which sort of scared him at first. And the fact that his mouth was sore for a few days after was a bit unsettling for him. To be honest though, this is all something that his dentist told him about and was to be expected. So he went along with the process compliantly until a few weeks had passed.

That’s when he told me how much better everything got. He said his gums no longer bled when brushing his teeth, and he reported that his breath smelled a lot better overall. I couldn’t believe something online for just 30 or 40 bucks could solve his problem at home so easily and so readily. I figured that his dentist was just giving a somewhat temporary solution to his problem, not one that could permanently rid him of his gum disease, bleeding gums, and chronic bad breath.

So if any of you out there suspect you have gum disease (and trust me, a lot of Americans have gingivitis or have had it in the past), don’t hesitate to pick yourself up a water pick. Obviously I’d advise seeing your dentist before that to get their best advice on what to do, but if you happen to have just saw them a month ago and your next appointment isn’t for awhile, do some research on the different water picks out there and pull the trigger on getting one. You won’t be disappointed and your overall dental health will improve drastically because of it.

This just goes to show how many different options are available to you in terms of at-home remedies for things that may otherwise cost more were you to pay for a procedure at a clinic. Just make sure that once you’ve healed your gums with the water pick you end up staying on top of your dental regimen night and day.

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